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Your desire to excel at sales has you up late looking to create a buzz in your booth. You've set up up an Item Markdown sale, but you still have questions.

You don't want to lose your momentum. You want answers NOW. You don't mind a little Do-It-Yourself work. Well, we are ready for you with in-depth help pages covering nearly every topic imaginable.

The Bonanza support team was thrilled to receive "Best Customer Service" in the 2021 EcommerceBytes Seller's Choice Awards, but we're not stopping there! We just published a new video on YouTube: "Bonanza Help Pages and Community Help". It will show you how to use our updated help center to locate answers to your questions in-the-moment.

You'll find our help center by logging in to Bonanza and pointing to "Help" at the top of the page. From the drop-down menu, visit the help center to find a table of contents for sellers, buyers, and general information about Bonanza. Select a category (for example, "I'm a Seller") to access detailed, step-by-step instructions with images. You can search topics like booth set-up, fees, payments, eBay importer, shipping, seller success, and much more. Many articles also have newly added links to YouTube videos for further clarification. If you don't see your topic when browsing categories, you can use the search bar to find relevant help pages.

Another great way to get answers is to ask the Bonanza community. We have experienced sellers monitoring this page to provide helpful, detailed responses about selling on Bonanza. Point to "Help" at the top of any Bonanza page and click on "Ask the Community" in the drop-down. Click "See all community help" to browse and search topics. Once there, click on "Ask a Question" to submit a post for our community. Bonanza's community help page is a place you can ask general questions about how to do something, such as "Should I buy a custom domain for my Webstore?" or "What social media sites should I promote my booth on?" If you're a buyer with specific questions about a product or your order, you'll need to contact the seller. If you are experiencing issues with your booth or the Bonanza site, please direct your question to our Bonanza support team. We are happy to help!

You can watch our new YouTube video below, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

P.S. Want to take a quick survey? In keeping with our goal of staying aware of our sellers' needs, we have put together a survey to guide us on our roadmap to continually meet your customer service needs.

Take the survey

13 responses to Help Pages for DIYers

  • ooak says:
    03/02/21 at 15:23:48


    bonanzawanda says in response:
    03/03/21 at 06:06:51

    Hello ooak,

    Thank you for your many years on Bonanza!

    Happy Selling!!

  • MarieADawson says:
    03/02/21 at 15:48:59

    Great job! Thank You for the up-date.

    bonanzawanda says in response:
    03/03/21 at 06:08:57

    Thank you, Marie!
    We appreciate you and your feedback is very important to us!

  • BuyGifts_ says:
    03/02/21 at 19:12:28

    Congratulations on your “Best Customer Service” award. With larger selling platforms, even “good” customer service can be hard to find. I’m new to Bonanza but love the feel and ease of it so far and the service has been great. No sales yet but we’ll certainly continuing to optimize pages and learn more as time permits.

    bonanzawanda says in response:
    03/03/21 at 06:14:09

    Hello BuyGifts,

    Welcome to Bonanza!!!
    Here is some additional information that may assist you with optimiation of your New Bonanza Booth.

    Thank you!!!

  • Fantasy_Zone says:
    03/02/21 at 22:09:20

    +1 for the vid. Great stuff :-)

    bonanzawanda says in response:
    03/03/21 at 06:18:20


    Thank you!
    We have many more Youtube videos in the works. Your feedback is always welcome!
    Thank you!!

  • Nordstromsauto says:
    03/03/21 at 07:15:50

    Great info Wanda, thanks for the update. I love the You tube videos, its amazing that the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is magnified in video tutorials for help files…

    bonanzawanda says in response:
    03/03/21 at 12:05:52

    Hi Nordstromsauto

    Thank you so much for your response and kind words!
    And we totally agree, “A picture is worth a thousand words” For visual learners, it is a game-changer!!

    We appreciate your support and Happy Selling!!!

  • SpeedChoice141 says:
    03/03/21 at 07:59:21


    bonanzawanda says in response:
    03/03/21 at 12:12:41

    Hello SpeedChoice141,

    Thank you!!
    Be on the lookout for many more videos that are in the works!

    Happy Selling!!

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