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Given all that is going on in the world and with businesses right now, the absolute last thing most of us want to take the time to prepare and review, let alone think about, is taxes. All across the eCommerce landscape, small businesses are trying to navigate the tax complexities that have been dumped on our front doors. As a small business built to support small businesses, our team at Bonanza understands. From figuring out tax automation in order to comply with state Marketplace Facilitator responsibilities to the processes that require an online business to find and print tax forms, we’ve been there. Because we’re not tax experts, we elected to interview several that are to assist us. Just like the story of the 3 Bears, some felt “too big”, some felt “too new” and then we found one that was “just right” for us. We think they could be "just right" for you too!

We elected to partner with TaxCloud for our small business to ensure compliance with the ever-changing state tax requirements. We chose TaxCloud for several reasons:  

  • They determine the applicable sales tax rate based on the type of product or service, the buyer’s location, and the location from which the item is shipped in order to collect the tax when customers reach the checkout cart on your site.
  • They file returns, remit your collected sales tax proceeds to the appropriate state and local jurisdictions, and provide audit support.
  • TaxCloud is the Internet's only sales tax compliance service with a free, state-paid option into 24 member states — because the states pay them, not the sellers.
  • Their foundation is on-line, just like us! 

Don’t take our word for it alone, we recommend that you have a look here to see what they can do for you as well:

TaxCloud provides easy, accurate, and inexpensive sales tax compliance across multiple platforms for sellers. They have taken the hassle and worry out of eCommerce tax remittance making them Bonanza’s preferred tax compliance service for all business sizes.

4 responses to eCommerce Tax Preparation

  • ooak says:
    04/23/20 at 17:42:21

    WONDERFUL CHOICE ! Wishing all a SAFE and HAPPY next few months !

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    04/24/20 at 14:08:55

    Thank you ooak, we’ve been pleased so far! We wish you the best and your continued safety as well!

  • MTK says:
    04/24/20 at 08:18:12

    I am truthful when I say I thank you, for trying to help and improve. You are a business making money out of our sales/purchases, so is in your best interest as well.
    That said and after years of being a member of this site, I have to say that honestly I do not understand why no sales, 1 last year, 0 this year so far.
    I import directly from Ebay and Etsy, same pictures, descriptions, but CHEAPER here. I sell dozens of items there and none here. I do not promote items there, so is not that.
    Maybe other sellers are doing better and is my type of items, but I am totally lost.
    I am not talking sales now, I would understand the low number under the circumstances, I am talking past years. My comment is not a criticism but honestly wondering why not.

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    04/24/20 at 14:06:17

    Thank you MTK, I appreciate your comments and questions. In the last few months we’ve seen a significant uptick in visitors and orders. I’m sorry that you’ve not yet been impacted. I would suggest reading our recent blog post on SEO. There are many things that sellers should be doing to optimize their booth for search success. If you need more assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Good luck to you!

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