CedCommerce’s Bonanza Shopify Integration App

This blog is part of our Bonanza Partners program. Bonanza did not pay for this app to be created, and does not make any money from the purchase of this app.
This guest blog was written by a representative from CedCommerce.

Many online sellers aim to diversify their businesses by listing their products on multiple sites that are popular among their targeted audiences. However, listing on several platforms has some downsides, like managing inventory and orders. This is where multi-channel sales apps come into the picture. These apps make inventory and order management hassle-free.

CedCommerce has designed a Bonanza Marketplace integration app that makes it easy to transfer your Shopify listings to Bonanza. We asked their team to share some of the highlights of this app – here’s what they said.

1. Bulk product upload

One of the greatest struggles of a multi-channel strategy is listing your items on every platform. With this app, you can upload your Shopify listings directly to Bonanza.

Learn more about how this process works

2. Profile-based product management

The app allows you to create item profiles and add details about an item before publishing to Bonanza. Similar to Bonanza’s shipping profiles, you can also assign item profiles to specific products to make sure your item details are consistent.

Let’s say you’d like to list a t-shirt from your Shopify store on Bonanza. Here’s how:

  • Create a profile for the t-shirt. This is visible in the app only and will not display on the item listing. Be sure to set the condition as well.
  • Select the category from Shopify. CedCommerce will match this category with the relevant Bonanza category so that the product appears on the right places.
  • Set your preferred shipping method. Just like on Bonanza, you can select the shipping type for domestic and international buyers.
  • Specify your item price and return policy. If you’d like, you can change the price of your Shopify item for its Bonanza listing. You can also set discounts if you’d like.

Ta-da! Your Bonanza listing is born. If you’d like to do more complex things, like manage your inventory, you can do so easily through the “Inventory Management” function. This feature helps prevent overselling, and alerts you when you have a low-stock item.

3. Order management

It can be challenging to manage orders across multiple platforms. With this app, you can manage Bonanza orders through your Shopify store. The app will automatically sync information between the marketplaces – if you mark an order as shipped on Shopify, it will be marked as shipped on Bonanza.

Learn more about how this process works

4. Automatic syncing

This is a functionality of the app and not something that will need active management by sellers. Through autonomous sync, all changes made within the app are reflected in near-real time at Bonanza. Products will sync from Shopify to the app, and from the app to Bonanza. From creating an order on the web store to fulfilling the shipment process at the marketplace, the app has you covered.

5. Item trait transferring

Information is power. An information-rich item description makes it easier for a visitor to make a purchase. Additional information also increases your item’s search visibility. Item traits enable Bonanza to share detailed information like genre, brand, or color with potential customers. Listings with detailed item traits have a 25-35% better conversion rate than those without. The integration app fetches these details from Shopify and then maps the information with Bonanza’s item trait fields, eliminating the hassle of creating item traits for individual products.


We’d like to thank the team at CedCommerce for building an app to help sellers diversify their online businesses. As part of their launch of this app, CedCommerce would like to offer 20% off the price of this app.

This guest blog was written by a representative from CedCommerce.
This blog is part of our Bonanza Partners program. Bonanza did not pay for this app to be created, and does not make any money from the purchase of this app.

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    Hi PaoloM32,

    Shopify is a platform where sellers can build their own site. It is different from Bonanza, Etsy, or eBay because shoppers can’t go to shopify.com and find items from all of Shopify’s sellers. They are providing a technology service so that sellers can have their own website to sell their items, like paolom32.com for example.

    Thanks for the comment!

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