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With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to use TurboTraffic to boost sales. That means we're back with another raffle to give away five free TurboTraffic packs!

While we have your attention, we also want to remind you of our Refer a Friend program. Do you know someone that would appreciate expanding and diversifying their business by opening a booth on Bonanza?

Refer a Friend and Earn Tokens

Invite a fellow entrepreneur to open a booth on Bonanza. When they celebrate their first sale, you'll both receive 5,000 tokens!

Bonanza has several free tools in place that every one of you can take advantage of to make commission-free sales. These are not special promotions; they are everyday methods we've had in place for years. Our "Refer a Friend" program is great because you can use the free tokens to either help pay commission fees or receive another reward of your choice.

Bonanza Rewards Tokens can be redeemed for discounts on your seller fees, a Bonanza t-shirt, a free month of a Bonanza Membership, or a surprise Bonanza gift package!

Visit the link below to access your unique referral URL that you can share with with your friends, family, Twitter feed, Facebook wall, blog readers, and/or strangers you meet on the street. After they click the referral link and make their first sale, you'll both be rewarded.

Top 10 Reasons to Sell on Bonanza

Here's a handy cheat sheet of great features to mention when recommending Bonanza.

  1. It is absolutely free to list an item.
  2. The 3.5% fee on all standard sales (9% for advertised sales) is lower than Amazon or eBay.
  3. Easy inventory management.
  4. Synchronize your inventory with other marketplaces.
  5. Great customer support.
  6. The Customer Marketing Tool.
  7. Publish items on shopping sites all across the internet.
  8. Boost traffic to your booth with TurboTraffic.
  9. Open your own branded storefront with Bonanza Webstores.
  10. Bonanza listens to feedback from real sellers.

Get ready for Spring

Shoppers on Bonanza are starting to look for spring items for golfing, gardening, Easter, and more. Check your listings to make sure they have appropriate search terms included in their titles and descriptions. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much information. Describing your products in greater detail will only increase the views on your listings. Conversely, the less information you provide, the less precisely Google can match your ads with search queries.

TurboTraffic Raffle

Last but not least, we would like to help you take advantage of the increased traffic during the spring shopping season. TurboTraffic is a program Bonanza offers to drive maximum buyer traffic to sellers who are enrolled as Gold, Platinum or Titan members, or sellers who have purchased an individual TurboTraffic Pack. It works together with Bonanza's advertising program, using the ad platforms you've selected to get maximum exposure for your store.

The impact of TurboTraffic will vary from merchant to merchant, depending on their price point and the type of merchandise sold.

Make sure you have your listings set up for search optimization, and get ready to turn up the advertising! We'll give five lucky sellers a free TurboTraffic pack . Just comment below by the end of the day on February 24th and your name will be entered in the raffle. We'll announce the winners in next week's blog.


Update: Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the TurboTraffic raffle. Our winners, listed below, have had a free TurboTraffic package added to their booth. 






Congratulations to our winners and happy selling!

117 responses to Win Free TurboTraffic

  • newyorkcards says:
    02/22/22 at 11:55:51

    Thanks for the chance to improve my sales.

  • elliotts_nest says:
    02/22/22 at 12:23:29

    Let me win

  • Cocos_Cosmetics says:
    02/22/22 at 12:35:08

    Cocos_Cosmetics – thank you Bonanza great News!

  • keepersprings says:
    02/22/22 at 12:36:39

    Look great…very interested. Thanks so much!

  • wonndunn says:
    02/22/22 at 12:37:23

    We love to receive the Turbo Traffic pack! Thank you!

  • teak says:
    02/22/22 at 12:38:53

    Thanks for the raffle! We can all use more traffic directed to our items!

  • CountyRoadBooks says:
    02/22/22 at 12:42:11

    Thanks- I would love to win this raffle.

  • Spears62 says:
    02/22/22 at 12:42:34

    would love to win free turbo traffic

  • Jemel says:
    02/22/22 at 12:48:30

    yes I’d like a free turbo traffic pack

  • horseofcourse says:
    02/22/22 at 12:52:24

    I have been selling on Bonanza for a few years now. Great buyers and a great platform to sell on.

  • REV_A_WEST says:
    02/22/22 at 12:52:34

    I’ve wanted to find out if turbo traffic would actually lead to sales so please count me in.

  • Sales_Shoppers says:
    02/22/22 at 12:57:53

    Would love to win some turbo traffic to get more views on my listing.

  • Howlin_Hounds says:
    02/22/22 at 13:00:53

    Looking forward to Spring and would love to win some Turbo Traffic! :)

  • KittynDoesSelling says:
    02/22/22 at 13:02:46

    would love a turbo packet so i can try it out!

  • djs_mommy says:
    02/22/22 at 13:08:49

    Sounds great!

  • BargainBuyouts says:
    02/22/22 at 13:09:35

    Yes enter me for the free Turbo Traffic..

  • abinternational says:
    02/22/22 at 13:15:50

    Pick me, lol. Thank you

  • GGsPlace says:
    02/22/22 at 13:16:13

    interested. Thank You

  • badoodly says:
    02/22/22 at 13:16:27


  • MountainTopResale says:
    02/22/22 at 13:18:04

    I’d like to try it.

  • glas_und_krug says:
    02/22/22 at 13:18:08

    Wonderfull idea, let´s try to win !!

  • personalized_gifts says:
    02/22/22 at 13:18:33

    Would love to win!
    Sharon Russell

  • Atpeacememorials says:
    02/22/22 at 13:19:10

    I’d love to be entered into the raffle!!
    Thanks, Adam, At Peace Memorials

  • puptentpetbeds says:
    02/22/22 at 13:20:11

    Please Please Please!!
    Sharon Russell

  • Stardust_Memories says:
    02/22/22 at 13:33:14

    Not sure how it works but I’m getting no sales now, might as well give it a shot!

  • bonanza_estore says:
    02/22/22 at 13:37:09

    Let’s make this year a great one with Turbo Traffic! Yeah!!

  • ChipsAndGames says:
    02/22/22 at 13:38:22

    Good luck to everyone!

  • books_on_7th_ave says:
    02/22/22 at 13:39:49

    Thanks for offering the raffle.

  • Instant_Deal says:
    02/22/22 at 14:09:14

    Thank you for the latest blog update.

  • BingoBob says:
    02/22/22 at 14:10:14

    Sounds interesting Thanks

  • LEEW23 says:
    02/22/22 at 14:26:44

    If the right traffic is routed I will have a good stay.

  • Starfisher says:
    02/22/22 at 14:36:15

    I’d love to be entered to win the Free Turbo Traffic. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones. Great info in the new post.

  • ATG_Coins says:
    02/22/22 at 14:44:49

    I’m ready; sign me up. I’m feeling lucky.

  • highvoltage says:
    02/22/22 at 14:59:16

    Raffle me.

  • TheManiac says:
    02/22/22 at 14:59:18

    02/19/2022 I had 50 IVs & 8 AVs. Just imagine what TT would do for Bonanza!


  • Secces says:
    02/22/22 at 15:05:33

    Wow this would be great

  • esouthlane says:
    02/22/22 at 15:06:52

    Spring Turbo Traffic!!!

  • William488 says:
    02/22/22 at 15:07:17

    Sounds nice. Ill look for some friends who havent allready joined.

  • Jbutler7 says:
    02/22/22 at 15:08:32

    I’d love to win this.

  • Affaire_de_Coeur says:
    02/22/22 at 15:20:36

    Very interesting, clear and to the point. I seriously going to take a second look. Thanks

  • Compassionca says:
    02/22/22 at 15:24:14

    Great site… but waiting to build up enough feedback on eBay to give me a fighting chance. I sell mainly on Etsy and Bonanza cannot import my feedback from there….so fingers crossed I win a turbo traffic and that will get me going!

  • LiquidPeace says:
    02/22/22 at 15:26:52

    Mahalo, Liquid Peace

  • vintagefarmyard says:
    02/22/22 at 15:41:24

    Just started selling on Bonanza and am super excited!

  • pearlorientbatik says:
    02/22/22 at 15:41:33

    Got my first sale in January and a very happy customer too! Thanks for the chance with the raffle ????

  • themissingpiece says:
    02/22/22 at 15:44:47

    Thanks for the information.

  • Sedona-Antiques says:
    02/22/22 at 15:56:17

    Turbo Traffic is a great tool that we have used in the past with great success.

    Sedona Antiques

  • tropicaltees says:
    02/22/22 at 16:00:52

    Great contest!

  • TableShowerShop says:
    02/22/22 at 16:08:24

    Great idea!

  • ItsYours says:
    02/22/22 at 16:10:53

    First to comment

  • itsagift says:
    02/22/22 at 16:11:07

    I’d love to win a free Turbo Pack!

  • downrightspecialkids says:
    02/22/22 at 16:24:57

    I could use some traffic please! I wish I’d have know about token credits when I had a friend sign up here!

  • We3books says:
    02/22/22 at 16:34:46

    Wow! I would love to win TurboTraffic. It would allow me to try it out to see how much our small, family business would benefit. Thanks. I hope we win!

  • Shepherds11 says:
    02/22/22 at 16:39:32

    I would love to win this raffle! What a great gift!

  • AmysEpicStuff4Sale says:
    02/22/22 at 16:47:21

    Ok so I’m interested to try and win a turbo traffic pack
    I have been liking Bonanza for what little time I have been on.

  • FantasticFinds2014 says:
    02/22/22 at 16:56:13

    I usually purchase the TurboPacks between 2-3 times yearly, definately helps! Fingers crossed on this raffle!

  • Varietyshop2 says:
    02/22/22 at 17:02:01

    I would like to be entered into the raffle. Thanks!

  • Nagoya says:
    02/22/22 at 17:29:54

    thank you.

  • The_Wholesale_Life says:
    02/22/22 at 17:52:12

    Please enter me in the Turbo Traffic raffle. I’m very interested!! Thank you.

  • Sharpe_sT says:
    02/22/22 at 17:58:33

    Turbo traffic is great, especially when free!

  • abigdogmom says:
    02/22/22 at 18:45:55

    I always enjoy the blogs and appreciate the tips and reminders.

  • ENRIQUITO says:
    02/22/22 at 18:46:28


  • CraftedClassic says:
    02/22/22 at 19:08:25

    New to Bonanza hoping it works out well.

  • sellingtime says:
    02/22/22 at 19:19:59

    Please enter me into the raffle.

  • VeronicaBooksAndArt says:
    02/22/22 at 20:28:47

    I would gladly pay you nothing on Tuesday for a free turbo pack today.

  • bluesage21 says:
    02/22/22 at 20:54:29

    Thank you for the valuable insights to increasing business.

  • ajiesganu says:
    02/22/22 at 21:11:00

    This turbo traffic would fuel me up more sales

  • seatbeltextenderpros says:
    02/22/22 at 21:17:16

    Thanks for setting up ways to help us experiment with Turbo Traffic!

  • SumIndoJava says:
    02/22/22 at 21:43:41


  • AreteTrading says:
    02/22/22 at 22:06:58

    Sounds good. Count me in.

  • backpack_art says:
    02/22/22 at 22:18:20

    Bonanza is the best. Zero cost for uploading products and good advertising programes

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    02/23/22 at 11:20:54

    Thanks, backpack_art! Honestly, I completely agree with you. Bonanza has an excellent setup for selling and our advertising program is unique. TurboTraffic is my very favorite option available to sellers. You do have to make sure your listings are set up well and are approved by Google shopping. It can make quite a difference. Take care!

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    02/22/22 at 22:27:18

    My sister was interested in selling on Bonanza. I set her up with a referral.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    02/23/22 at 11:16:58

    That’s great, Steve! Let me know if she needs any help getting set up. Take care!

  • hannah77 says:
    02/22/22 at 23:16:58

    Fingers crossed. Would love to be one of the five!

  • KarmaDlite says:
    02/23/22 at 00:36:31

    Might be a great way to get started.

  • TeamFilipe says:
    02/23/22 at 01:14:41

    as a new seller on bonanza any help would be greatly appreciated to get sales so i can build my bonanza store far i really love bonanza set up and the way it works compared to ebay.been able to usa paypal is great.

  • OrderYoursToday says:
    02/23/22 at 03:17:57

    Turbo Traffic has worked the best for me so far in increasing sales on Bonanza.

  • Handmade_designer says:
    02/23/22 at 05:00:46

    I want to win so much!

  • Fun50Stuff says:
    02/23/22 at 05:40:49

    Turbo has always been an easy way to boost traffic.

  • bonzuser_akubg says:
    02/23/22 at 05:57:18

    Yes I’d like a free turbo traffic pack.

  • NuffLoveJamaica says:
    02/23/22 at 06:08:42

    Thank you for the raffle and a chance to improve traffic to my booth

  • MidwesternMom says:
    02/23/22 at 06:18:43

    Thank you!

  • vintagesan says:
    02/23/22 at 06:27:51

    I love Bonanza

  • BonzMember_Lorraine says:
    02/23/22 at 07:40:06

    great opportunity.

  • Arleen_Fencl says:
    02/23/22 at 08:12:42

    would love the chance to improve my sales

    02/23/22 at 08:26:05

    yay turbo traffic!!

    02/23/22 at 08:31:04

    I have been interested in this option and upgrading to a gold account.I hope I win and get a change to see what happens!!

    02/23/22 at 08:31:49

    Please please please fingers crossed

  • RNR888 says:
    02/23/22 at 08:53:25

    Hello. Please help me start selling. Thanks for helping.

  • tomwayne1 says:
    02/23/22 at 09:48:03

    I would love to have some additional TurboTraffic.

  • maddmazz says:
    02/23/22 at 09:56:34

    TurboTraffic should be the standard. If it brings more viewers to the site and thus hopefully more sales, we both win. The more sales and money I make, the more money you make.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    02/23/22 at 11:15:00

    Hi maddmazz! Thanks for your comment. Advertising in your booth is “standard”, but we also have many other options to suit all different sorts of sellers. As well as opting out of advertising, sellers have the option to buy extra advertising. We understand that “One size fits all” is not applicable to booths on Bonanza and we are here to help you make the most of your options. Feel free to reach out to support at any time if you’d like to review the options you’ve set up in your booth to maximize sales.

  • Tenth_and_Delaware says:
    02/23/22 at 09:56:45

    Please count me in!

  • shakespeare says:
    02/23/22 at 10:37:32

    Huzzah!I hope win.

  • A-Rose-Designs says:
    02/23/22 at 10:48:13

    Thanks for the raffle!

  • mschacha says:
    02/23/22 at 10:49:50

    Thank you for a chance to win some extra exposure with Turbo Traffic!

  • tammiestreasures says:
    02/23/22 at 11:11:48

    Count me in.

  • The_General_Store_ says:
    02/23/22 at 11:30:36


  • Extra_Mile_4_You says:
    02/23/22 at 11:39:32

    Count Me In, I Love Turbo Traffic!


  • Sales_Shoppers says:
    02/23/22 at 12:00:56

    Would love to win some Bonanza turbo traffic.

  • Heleni_Vassi says:
    02/23/22 at 13:31:03

    Thank you! I hope win Turbo Traffic!

  • Lokie07770 says:
    02/23/22 at 17:05:08

    Thanks for an opportunity to improve sales.

  • im_here_too says:
    02/23/22 at 18:11:27

    Count me in. Thanks.

  • CuSmileShop says:
    02/23/22 at 18:41:01

    Wow! really love to have this!

  • Xbestdeals says:
    02/23/22 at 19:15:18

    Thank you!

  • Thrifty_Daes says:
    02/23/22 at 23:01:17

    I would really like and need to win this. I could really use it.

  • Samsells says:
    02/24/22 at 00:48:14


  • Virtual_Mamas_Place says:
    02/24/22 at 02:35:27

    Thank you Shelly for the opportunity to Win Free Turbo Traffic!

  • rebelpride74 says:
    02/24/22 at 10:10:36

    No luck on this site.Hope this works!

  • kevins_tv_repair says:
    02/24/22 at 10:17:38

    Always use turbo. I think it’s worth the cost and helps.

  • summerkitchenresale says:
    02/24/22 at 10:24:18

    I’d be honored to try Turbo Traffic!

  • CharmLand925 says:
    02/24/22 at 10:26:29

    Thanks for raffle!

  • Jams_Deals says:
    02/24/22 at 10:39:21

    We hope you will choose us!

  • The_Cherbie says:
    02/24/22 at 12:54:27

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a turbo traffic package.

  • soli9002 says:
    02/24/22 at 22:34:45

    Love it! I just started selling again here after being inactive for a year. I’d like the opportunity to try turbo traffic. Thank you.

  • Luxiest says:
    02/24/22 at 22:39:38

    I like Turbo Traffic????

  • hulahoop13 says:
    02/25/22 at 02:51:59

    Terri ;)

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