Small Business Saturday is here!

Hooray! It's Small Business Saturday

We are so excited to celebrate this day with you. As a small business supporting small businesses, this day means a lot to us. Our entire company was built upon the foundation of providing a place for small businesses to sell their products online. Thanks for being a part of this community — it means more to us than you'll ever know! Bonanza is proud to support so many amazing businesses. 

Speaking of businesses, did you know that only 36% of businesses are women-owned? Of those, almost all (99.8%) are classified as small businesses. To celebrate this entrepreneurship, we caught up with a few of our most established female sellers for a special Small Business Saturday spotlight.


Sharon’s 17-year history of selling online all started with a passion for thrifting. Before her online days, Sharon had a brick-and-mortar thrift store. In her store, she allowed for bartering, which led to a lot of eBay sellers coming into the store to try and find inventory they could sell online. Sharon was confident that she could take her store to the internet — it was something she loved doing, and she’d always had a knack for identifying items she thought people might buy later.

Why did Sharon start her own business? Well, she’s always been a self-starter and an entrepreneur, and she learned discipline and professionalism from her female role model and first boss at Things Remembered. But what inspired her most were her customers — she wanted to have more control over the customer experience. “I care about people and want to serve my clients well,” Sharon says. The best career advice she’s gotten is to think before you act. “Don’t make any immediate decisions. Consider all the details and specifics about your business — like shipping cost, item weight, condition, and more — before you list an item so you don’t lose money.”

Colbert Clothing

Jessica has been selling online since 2006, with Colbert Clothing opening in 2016. How did she get started selling online? The library in her town had a sale, so she started selling used books to earn a bit of side money. In addition to running several online booths, Jessica also has a lovely boutique with her sister in historic downtown Walterboro, South Carolina, where they sell clothing, handmade jewelry, gifts, and home decor.

When asked who her female role model is in business, she pointed us to Christy Wright from The Business Boutique. Jessica says she's a great resource for business advice when you're low on ideas! The best career advice Jessica has received is to "Keep putting forth the effort until you figure out what works for you. There's always something new to try, so keep working at it!"


Jan’s journey with Bonanza started in September of 2008 — she’s one of our most tenured sellers! Growing up, Jan’s mother loved jewelry, especially costume jewelry. She had dresser drawers full of pieces, and Jan fell in love with jewelry just like her mother. When her mother passed away, Jan decided to sell pieces that didn’t hold significance to her, and Starfisher was born. Prior to selling online, Jan used to teach elementary school and later worked with the Child Protection Team, providing child abuse prevention education. A rewarding but tough job, Jan used photography as an outlet, which translated well to her item listing images once she opened her online store.

Jan’s favorite quote comes from style icon Elizabeth Taylor: “I’ve never thought of my jewelry as trophies. We are only temporary custodians of beauty.” Jan believes that jewelry is meant to be passed onto others, so she wanted to share her mother’s lifelong collection with others who would find joy in the pieces. Through her business, she’s had buyers who have become friends, and is proud of her repeat buyer percentage. Some of her favorite pieces? “Figural brooches, like animals, fish, and birds.” When asked the best piece of advice she’s received in her career, her answer was straightforward: “Take pride in what you do.”

Normally, we don't allow for blog comments that are overtly self-promotional in nature. However, in the true spirit of Small Business Saturday, we want to hear about your small business! Sound off in the comments below and share your story with us. We'd love to know how your business came about and who inspires you. Feel free to link to your booth, Webstore, or website so all of our blog readers can support their fellow small businesses on this special Saturday.


36 responses to Small Business Saturday is here!

  • colbertclothing says:
    11/30/19 at 11:56:35

    Thank you for the feature!

  • Starfisher says:
    11/30/19 at 12:19:33

    What an honor, thank you so much for featuring Starfisher’s Stars for Small Business Saturday!

  • EclecticTradingCo says:
    11/30/19 at 17:23:58

    Congrats for the feature! I am a longtime online seller (1996)
    but am new to Bonanza. I am glad that they took the effort to give you all a shout out!

  • GaneshaArtAndCraft says:
    11/30/19 at 20:21:22

    Thank you for the feature!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    11/30/19 at 21:00:49

    Thanks for featuring these sellers. It’s nice to know the story behind some old ‘friends’.

  • Theartofsports says:
    11/30/19 at 21:52:10

    Good luck for continued success..I have not been that well on B and I have been on here for many many years….I wish I could get more sales…I would give up Ebay for sure….

  • The_Leather_Souq says:
    12/01/19 at 00:52:31

    I am commenting for the first time and all i wanna say is that i am really honor to be part of this and thank you Bonanza for providing such an amazing platform for us to work, Greatly appreciated.

  • antivirusspecialist says:
    12/01/19 at 00:55:13

    Thank you for the feature!

  • jewelrymandave says:
    12/01/19 at 02:06:43

    Great but it would have been better if i would have gotten the email concerning this “Small Business SATURDAY” announcement on SATURDAY the 1st instead of on SUNDAY the 2nd!

  • Danai71 says:
    12/01/19 at 02:14:41

    Thank you for the feature!

  • ifeelyoung says:
    12/01/19 at 03:09:19

    I’m just trying to supplement my Social Security income. This is a great site for this. It also keeps me active in a fun way.

  • mykamyka says:
    12/01/19 at 04:15:32

    New to the site even though I’ve been selling sporadically elsewhere over the years. Learning new things from time to time :)
    I’m selling artisan-made tie & dye (batik) made in Malaysia, feel free to take a look!

  • maydamart says:
    12/01/19 at 04:19:42

    Nice post! I first started selling online when I had to become a care taker. First it was for my father, who loved old, classic movies, which, after he passed, began my sales in DVDs. Now my mom needs care and lives with me so I enhanced my hobby of making paper crafts and puzzle books for the nursing home my dad was in and began putting those out there as PDF templates and “books”. Sometimes sales are way too slow, but I do love what I do and that counts for a lot.

    Belated Happy Small Biz Saturday to all my fellow bonzer’s!

  • Handmademaster says:
    12/01/19 at 04:37:03

    Good luck for continued success

  • CindyBear says:
    12/01/19 at 05:42:50

    Nice blog and good luck to all

  • DealsHQ says:
    12/01/19 at 06:37:23

    Good luck to everyone and good blog post! I’ve been selling online for almost 30 years. Due to other life events I had to pause everything but I’m back on Bonanza and wait to make my first sale being back. Happy holidays to everyone!

  • BarbaraJim says:
    12/01/19 at 06:56:09

    As a small internet business we need all of the .assistance we can get. Bonanza is a great place to sell.

  • The_7Cs_Dream_LLc says:
    12/01/19 at 07:18:02

    If you find yourself with some unwanted pest for the holidays give our booth a look. We have non-toxic help.
    Holiday specials available..

  • kathyandgeorge says:
    12/01/19 at 07:47:43

    Glad to see EmpressDepot featured here! She reached out to us when we first started on Bonanza and we were having problems with importing our items. We might have given up if it hadn’t been for her advice. But we are here and have had decent sales results since we got up and running. And we have started listing items directly on Bonanza instead of just importing our items from Etsy and Amazon. Shop small!

  • squeakychimp says:
    12/01/19 at 08:08:58

    Glad to hear about peoples successes! Hope mine will have the same positive results.

  • EmpressDepot says:
    12/01/19 at 08:29:51

    Thank you Bonanza Grace for the spotlight feature. I was so excited to be featured when I found out. It was a pleasure having a conversation with Bonanza Grace. Congrats to ColbertClothing and Starfisher. May we ALL on Bonanza have many more years of selling online together. Merry Christmas and Happy New.

  • BargainBuyouts says:
    12/01/19 at 09:30:16

    Bonanza is definitely the most small business friendly 3rd party marketplace site I’ve found…..Hoping their traffic keeps increasing as customers find out they can get just as good deals as the mega sites with old time personal customer service of the type that only small business owners that value each and every customer can provide….. Hopefully our 18 years of 100% feedback tells folks what they can expect from us !!!

  • stitchncraft says:
    12/01/19 at 09:59:01

    Congrats to the 3 featured ladies and their businesses.

    I took over our family business in 2006 after my Dad passed away. Sewing has always been apart of our lives, and a pleasure to continue making it a part of other peoples lives.
    Happy stitching to all.

  • LadysClothesJewelry says:
    12/01/19 at 10:24:04

    I love reading the Bonanza Blog. I love online selling. It just thrills me to be able to see where items go and knowing that I am helping to find new homes for them.

  • GoBraid says:
    12/01/19 at 10:49:08

    Thank you for this great post! I’m so happy to hear people’s histories.

    Mine is that I’ve designed and created this GoBraid brand. This is a headband braid, designed with special materials, that keep the braids on place, without any need of Bobby pins, it has also been designed with artificial high quality wig hair in more than fifteen realistic colors (designed by a hair color specialist).
    We’re working through social media (tutorials), straight to clients, vendors, and starting businesses bridesmaids, etc.. our clients love it! Feel free to send us any message, if you would like to give us a try

  • creativityyouandme says:
    12/01/19 at 10:49:26

    Really enjoyed reading the Bonanza Blog, congratulations to the women and may we all continue to have success on Bonanza.

  • Fathertime says:
    12/01/19 at 13:54:51

    Congratulations Ladies, What great stories you have For Small Business Saturday. I wish you all the best for your Bonanza futures.

  • suessuite says:
    12/01/19 at 15:12:38

    I’ve been on Bonanza for years! Found all your stories to be very inspiring! I sell a varity of items including some handmade things that I’ve been motivated to make. I’ handicapped and try to do the best I can, it’s theraputic!!

  • Everything_At_Dales says:
    12/01/19 at 18:33:09

    I was happy to read the stories. Well done on the articles.

  • Serlibrestar says:
    12/02/19 at 14:18:18

    Thank you for the feature!

  • Tenth_and_Delaware says:
    12/03/19 at 09:15:06

    Congratulations to Sharon, Jessica and Jan…well deserved!!

  • Deals_Trader says:
    12/03/19 at 10:15:43

    Its features like this that give sellers the push to keep going :)
    Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

  • NutrimentBoutique says:
    12/05/19 at 08:12:52

    Excellent feature. Bonanza is an excellent marketplace to sell on!

  • AlfredB100 says:
    12/08/19 at 12:14:10

    Bonanza always has excellent information to share with its users online. Information is very informative and extremely very helpful to sellers and buyers. Bonanza keeps us informed of all upcoming events going on with the company. EXCELLENT WORK BONANZA !

  • Vicklife says:
    12/10/19 at 15:03:04

    Im new here and new to selling wish me luck

  • thinkfastdeals says:
    12/17/19 at 14:30:27

    Support small business. Fight for Freedom!

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