Introducing: Bonanza's Global Shipping Service

At Bonanza, instead of just sleeping like regular humans, we dream about all of the fancy tricks we can do to make the lives of our sellers (and buyers) easier. We also dream about Swedish Fish, red Starburst, cats with weird haircuts, pugs, and taking over the world.


Re: Taking Over the World

The obvious first step toward taking over the world is to make international shipping seamless and affordable. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Pitney Bowes to develop a Global Shipping Service. Our goal here is to help our sellers reach more buyers (and make more sales) by expanding their selling opportunities to more than 100 countries around the world.


What’s a Global Shipping Service?

The Global Shipping Service (or GSS to those of us in the know) makes shipping and tracking items to global online shoppers as easy as pie. All costs are calculated upfront, including duties, taxes and shipping fees. These fees are guaranteed in real-time at the checkout by Pitney Bowes, thus eliminating all unforeseen shipping and importation costs: there will never be any surprises for sellers or buyers when items are delivered.


How Do I Sign up for this Cool Trick?

To sell items internationally, any domestic seller with items listed on Bonanza can opt into the Global Shipping Service here:  

You will also need to ensure your PayPal account is setup to accept international payments.

Like magic, all eligible listings will be available for shipping to over 60 countries worldwide. When an international buyer purchases an item, you ship the item to a convenient distribution center in the U.S. managed by our partner. The center handles everything required to send the item to the buyer, including country-specific export compliance and customs documentation, making international shipping as simple as domestic.


What Makes a Listing Eligible?

For this to work, we need to know what is in the box without opening your box. If we’re dealing with SKU’d products, we’re good here. Additionally, the products must be listed in approved categories to be eligible to be active in the program. Products in certain categories (vitamins and supplements, for example) have too many regulations when it comes to which countries will let them in, so we’ve opted to make these listings ineligible for the program. Our goal with this service is to have both sellers and buyers avoid any unexpected charges, so we’ve set a strict set of guidelines to make this a smooth process.

It sounds like a lot of fancy stuff, but the whole deal is really easy for you to manage. When you opt into the program, we will automatically list your eligible items as active. It takes just a moment for our system to determine which items are eligible, and no extra work has to happen on your end.


But What Does it Cost a Seller Like ME?

This service doesn’t cost you any additional fees. The buyer agrees to pay the cost of shipping at checkout, and you are only responsible for the domestic shipping (the buyer does still pay if you typically charge a shipping fee for domestic purchases). Additionally, since we are working with a partner who has already streamlined the international shipping experience, shipping charges are much lower than what marketplace buyers can normally access from traditional carriers. Reduced expenses = more buyers = happy sellers.


Let’s be Real:

Bonanza’s mission has always been to empower entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses, and the Global Shipping Service is just another step toward creating the ultimate seller focused marketplace. Every seller who opts in will, with little effort of their own, reach more buyers and expand their selling opportunities. *Mic drop*

*More questions? Check out our Global Shipping Service Help Page.





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