Introducing Our New Vice President

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Hello, Bonanzlers! We hope your 2020 is off to a great start. We have some exciting news to share with you, our community.

Effective January 2, 2020 Alloy and Bonanza Chief Executive Officer Bill Harding appointed Greg Braukus as Bonanza’s Vice President. Braukus will have complete responsibility for the Bonanza business including product and seller strategy, development priorities, and support. Bill will transition his full attention to the company’s exciting new projects, Amplenote (tasks and note taking) and GitClear (developer metrics, git analytics). 


This transition in Bonanza Leadership is happening at a great time for Bonanza and its sellers. In recent years, Bill has gradually stepped back from day-to-day operations at Bonanza, as he works to build the tools that can help medium-sized operations like Bonanza maximize their productive output. According to Mr. Harding, “our sellers will appreciate the strategic vision and critical eye that Greg brings to Bonanza. His 20+ years in Customer Service, eCommerce and Operational Excellence will serve us well in our mission to help Sellers grow the most profitable, trust-worthy and sustainable online stores with Bonanza. Greg has quickly come in and identified a path forward that will deliver a high-quality, seller-centric experience. I expect him to drive incrementally higher GMV for any merchant using Bonanza in 2020.”


Aside from leveraging the longstanding Bonanza “secret sauce” (happy sellers), Mr. Braukus is calling for a renewed focus on creating:

  • the best-in-class seller value proposition, with tools and features to generate profit with less process
  • a marketplace that can effectively combat fraud and ensure compliance at a time where many eCommerce sites have come under scrutiny
  • a reinvigorated, seller-based community that helps drive decision-making

Prior to joining Bonanza, Mr. Braukus spent over a decade with capital equipment manufacturer Terex Corporation (NYSE: TEX) in several leadership positions, culminating as Director of Enterprise eCommerce for the company.   Before joining Terex, Braukus was Senior Director, ISS for Microsoft, where he led the inside sales, tele partner account management, vendor operations and partner connections businesses for the small and mid-market solutions & partners division in the United States.  He also spent five years with where he held several leadership roles in Fulfillment Operations and Customer Service.


94 responses to Introducing Our New Vice President

  • starshinin says:
    02/03/20 at 14:54:55

    Welcome aboard and wishing you the best

  • RAEDNET says:
    02/03/20 at 14:58:30

    We welcome New Vice President and give all support

  • roycraft says:
    02/03/20 at 15:04:22

    Welcome..hopefully this focus will bring more traffic and live ads vs. Sellers ringing in traffic

    02/03/20 at 15:56:31

    Welcome aboard please please I’ve been asking for 10 years for Bonanza to advertise on a Max level and bring millions of dissatisfied buyers and sellers to this site

  • JoycesVarietyShop says:
    02/03/20 at 16:23:56

    Ditto to all comments above and double ditto to welcome new vice president.

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    02/03/20 at 16:34:20

    Sounds good, welcome aboard Mr. Braukus.

  • PCJR57 says:
    02/03/20 at 17:11:23

    Welcome in.

  • Elvio_Store says:
    02/03/20 at 17:20:36

    Welcome to bonanza!

  • DiscountCrafts4U says:
    02/03/20 at 17:27:03

    Get us more customers soon please

  • MagnoliaScreens says:
    02/03/20 at 17:51:44

    Welcome Mr. Braukus. Now, more than ever is a great time to acquire buyers, and sellers alike, leaving the other site. Best of luck to you – and Sellers too.

  • Alilbirdy2 says:
    02/03/20 at 18:16:46

    Welcome Mr. Braukus, Fresh ideas and directions are a welcome too.

  • TG_Stuff says:
    02/03/20 at 18:26:03


  • Missgeorgia says:
    02/03/20 at 18:28:44

    Congrats to you Mr. Braukus! Will be looking forward to more business with your fresh ideas and outlook!!

  • belltowntees_com says:
    02/03/20 at 18:41:43

    Welcome!! Looking forward!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    02/03/20 at 18:42:07

    Welcome to Bonanza, Mr. Braukus.

  • ModelSupplies says:
    02/03/20 at 18:43:42


  • DiVASHACK says:
    02/03/20 at 19:05:50

    So Happy to welcome you aboard Mr Braukus. Especially to add you to our happy commerce family of the best business team innovators anywhere. Bill has done it again! Genius.

  • sentimental_treasure says:
    02/03/20 at 19:14:44

    Welcome! I hope this will bring business my way :)

  • antivirusspecialist says:
    02/03/20 at 19:33:45

    Welcome to Bonanza, Mr. Brauku. Looking forward!

  • JandS_Sports says:
    02/03/20 at 19:40:28

    Welcome and congratulations, I’m looking forward to the new and exciting ideas that you plan on bringing on implicating.

    02/03/20 at 20:09:20


  • KyrgyzstanHoney says:
    02/03/20 at 20:14:18

    Welcome and congrats! Please focus on bringing more traffic! For one year I got only one sale!

  • TheCoasterMan says:
    02/03/20 at 20:23:41

    Welcome to Bonanza and the best of luck.

  • graphiceye says:
    02/03/20 at 20:56:25

    Welcome; The more $ we all make the more Bonanza with florish.

  • Penny_Badgley says:
    02/03/20 at 21:21:34

    I have only had a booth on Bonanza for a few months, it looks like it was the perfect time to start. Welcome Mr Braukus, I look forward to learning from your efforts.

  • Xiao_Qiang_Router says:
    02/03/20 at 22:24:10

    Love Bonanza. Congrats Bonanza, congrats Mr. Braukus, congrat all Bonanza sellers and buyers.

  • EngravingB says:
    02/03/20 at 23:28:59

    Welcome New Vice President, I am new to Bonanza and launched my first product so easily! I hope to get some sales :)
    So Far im really pleased :)

  • Marina34 says:
    02/04/20 at 00:04:00

    Good afternoon! Successful work. Good luck everyone!

  • wilrue99 says:
    02/04/20 at 02:06:26

    welcome aboard new vice-president hopefully you can get things moving here at Bonanza it is so slow that I fall asleep looking at my site

  • YPY812 says:
    02/04/20 at 02:35:57

    The force is strong in this one. May the Force be with you VP, always.

  • robertscha says:
    02/04/20 at 02:56:41

    Welcome and Congratulations. Looking forward to many successful years at Bonanza.

  • missuleroi says:
    02/04/20 at 03:09:37

    Wish you and us GREAT SUCCESS! Looking forward to your leadership!

  • DiversifiedEstates says:
    02/04/20 at 03:36:09

    Looking forward to seeing what you will bring to the table, and wishing you much success. Welcome!

  • Starfisher says:
    02/04/20 at 04:23:46

    Welcome, I have been here since the beginning and look forward to many more years. Wishing the best for you and for Bonanza.

  • mohchyi says:
    02/04/20 at 04:44:46

    Welcome,great i wish you success and further development at the beginning of the year 2020

  • MassVision says:
    02/04/20 at 04:50:13

    Team Mass Vision wishes you lots of luck ????

  • Skippercheckers says:
    02/04/20 at 04:55:48

    You must remember for all all for one..Welcome…

  • Virtual_Mamas_Place says:
    02/04/20 at 05:20:01

    Welcome Vice President Braukus…Best Wishes!

  • Dollys_Attic says:
    02/04/20 at 05:26:49

    Welcome! We hope to have more customers soon.

  • Dollys_Attic says:
    02/04/20 at 05:28:33

    Welcome! This is a good start to the new year. We need to attract more customers. Some people I talk to have never heard of our site.

  • stuff4divas says:
    02/04/20 at 05:31:55

    Good Luck to your progress in Bonanza! Hope you enjoy your work here bc a happy VP makes a happier company!

  • movINgaze says:
    02/04/20 at 05:58:38

    Welcome and wish you bring more success for Bonanza..

  • Everything_At_Dales says:
    02/04/20 at 06:02:23


  • YourLostTreasures says:
    02/04/20 at 06:19:23


  • MarieADawson says:
    02/04/20 at 06:22:21

    Welcome to the neighborhood .Wishing you all the best in your new adventure.

  • albert12001 says:
    02/04/20 at 06:37:26

    Hello! My congratulations!
    Blow up the dam, which prevents us to get traffic Falls!
    I wish you to make Bonanza more than Alibaba!

  • Couponeer says:
    02/04/20 at 06:41:20

    Congratulations! Looking forward to your leadership!

  • Tucsondon2 says:
    02/04/20 at 06:56:39

    Welcome, I hope your appointment will translate into more views and sales.

  • DetectorWarehouse says:
    02/04/20 at 07:20:45

    “Bill has gradually stepped back from day-to-day operations at Bonanza”….This site has so much potential.

  • Turboparts says:
    02/04/20 at 07:32:34

    Looking forward to many good things!

  • N247 says:
    02/04/20 at 07:53:54

    Welcome to bonanza!

  • sky007 says:
    02/04/20 at 08:15:15

    nice to meet you…

  • eleganceataglance says:
    02/04/20 at 08:42:28

    Congratulations and Welcome, looking forward to this new adventure with you

    02/04/20 at 09:03:07


  • Taghawsa says:
    02/04/20 at 09:05:28

    Welcome, great I wish you success

  • Usedshoesandmore says:
    02/04/20 at 09:13:59

    Good luck hopefully bring better ideas to this site, to create more buyers.

  • beyonddesign says:
    02/04/20 at 09:20:57

    Welcome new Vice President!

  • BlingBlinkyofTEXAS says:
    02/04/20 at 09:25:30

    Welcome Aboard! Let’s make 2020 AMAZING!!
    Bling Blinky of TEXAS

  • abigdogmom says:
    02/04/20 at 09:27:47

    Welcome to Bonanza. I look forward to seeing more advertisements spreading the word about Bonanza’s awesomeness.

  • MakersTreasureTrove says:
    02/04/20 at 09:55:19

    Welcome and God bless.

  • youssefwali00 says:
    02/04/20 at 10:55:12


  • BayPal says:
    02/04/20 at 11:19:38

    Congratulations! I hope this is the beginning of a new era for Bonanza and all its courageous members. Success for everyone!

  • C_hatznbagz says:
    02/04/20 at 11:44:28


  • LindaS2034 says:
    02/04/20 at 11:45:41

    First time ordering here still haven’t gotten a response or message when will I be getting my item tracking number what the hell is going on

  • VeroStores says:
    02/04/20 at 12:12:58

    Bienvenido a la comunidad de Bonanza!!!

  • Lous_Awesome_Store says:
    02/04/20 at 12:15:14

    Congrats on the job !
    Let’s make taking traffic away from amazon and into bonanza THE top priority of your 2020 goals :)
    I’m a longtime amazonian transitioning my business completely to bonanza in 2020.
    Let’s do this Mr. Braukus !!!


  • jerseyboymusic says:
    02/04/20 at 12:30:26

    Looking for that secret sauce… my advice is to make sure Bonanza ISN’T a secret! Maybe this new VP can help make Bonanza a top level e-commerce site!

  • theclickcreative says:
    02/04/20 at 13:51:09


  • hubbardstoncandle says:
    02/04/20 at 15:54:24

    Welcome to Bonanza!

  • Peligraphics says:
    02/04/20 at 17:00:58

    congratulations, and hope he can streamline some of my needs.

  • summerkitchenresale says:
    02/04/20 at 20:28:47

    Welcome Mr.Braukus! Hopefully you can move the sales needle for us! A suggestion is ADVERTISING!!! Almost no one knows who or what Bonanza is! On the other hand ebay is a household name! Let’s close this gap! Thankyou!

  • GreenbriarSteed says:
    02/04/20 at 22:32:11

    Welcome Sir!!!

  • VanasCollection says:
    02/05/20 at 00:14:45

    Welcome to bonanza!!

  • PiperW3 says:
    02/05/20 at 05:42:34

    So are you gonna be a thief too? Or did they actually get someone honest? Stop buying from Bonanza, go to eBay.

  • Atomicdiner says:
    02/05/20 at 06:50:39

    Welcome to Bonanza.
    We need some Fresh blood and hoping you can
    open the floodgates to more sales for the
    sellers here as it is pretty blocked up for many here.
    Good Luck.

  • Howlin_Hounds says:
    02/05/20 at 08:09:37

    Welcome, Mr. Braukus! Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for Bonanza.

  • RedbirdRidge says:
    02/05/20 at 08:24:17

    Welcome to Bonanza! A renewed enthusiasm in this community of sellers would be very encouraging.

  • BKeist01 says:
    02/05/20 at 09:31:59

    Welcome! Your history brings much confidence.

  • tj8799 says:
    02/05/20 at 13:18:42

    Nice To Meet ya

  • RNetta says:
    02/05/20 at 17:53:34

    Hi New Vice President, BonanzaSarah. I’m a newbie & just wanted to say. Best wishes & goodluck.Be well, bye.

  • misskeech says:
    02/05/20 at 23:15:28

    Welcome to Bonanza! Yes, please look into major advertising of Bonanza, its a great site we just need people to know about it!

  • bonzuser_smhjn says:
    02/05/20 at 23:24:47

    Welcome, Mr. Braukus!


  • Bestpistolgrips says:
    02/06/20 at 03:03:48

    welcome aboard Mr. Braukus.

  • tumy678 says:
    02/06/20 at 03:24:04

    hope can be a good leader…..hahahaha

  • CharmScool says:
    02/06/20 at 06:29:22

    Welcome new Vice President!

  • grue8158 says:
    02/06/20 at 07:24:49

    Ditto, “Welcome..hopefully this focus will bring more traffic and live ads vs. Sellers ringing in traffic”

  • CindyE113 says:
    02/06/20 at 07:27:17

    Good news! I hope Mr. Braukus can also solve the international VAT tax problem Bonanza seems to have in remedying. My listings are not showing in the U.K. market because Bonanza seems to not be able to deal with the VAT tax requirements. eBay and Etsy are able to handle this problem, why not Bonanza? To lose a whole U.K. market is inexcusable.

  • Onlytude says:
    02/06/20 at 08:00:09


  • carmelcollectibles says:
    02/06/20 at 11:50:15

    Welcome Mr. Braukus!!

  • vingroupshop says:
    02/06/20 at 17:04:05

    Welcome to the new position. Hopefully, he will bring the development platform on par with eBay, Amazon

  • mollycoddleyourworld says:
    02/07/20 at 01:01:36

    Congratulations!!! Blessings to you and Bonanza with your new position!!!

  • fragrancesgiftsets says:
    02/07/20 at 05:23:20

    Welcome. Best of luck in your new position.

  • ArteGlass says:
    02/07/20 at 12:14:48

    Best of luck and let`s hope for a fresh approach resulting in more traffic!

  • Indizona says:
    02/18/20 at 14:23:33

    Hoping he can get Bonanza to be a household word and go-to marketplace like eBay, etsy, and Amazon are.

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