12th Anniversary Recap

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Wow, what a week! We just wrapped up 7 days of celebrating Bonanza's 12th Anniversary yesterday and we wanted to thank everyone who participated and took the time to send well-wishes. We truly do appreciate our amazing, loyal sellers, and we're always striving to help your business thrive.

Annual Membership Sale

A big welcome to all the sellers who purchased a new annual membership during our 25% off sale this past week. Be sure to take a look at your account's Seller Checklist to take advantage of the sales-boosting tools and benefits your membership provides.

The Seller Checklist is a useful, free resource available in all seller accounts that cleverly updates to match the benefits associated with your current membership level. To view your own checklist, click on "Selling" in the top left corner of the page to land on your Selling Dashboard. The checklist will be on the left under the toolbox menu. Click on the green button that reads "View Benefits". If you have any questions about your new membership, our award-winning support team is here to help.

Raffle Winners

We also celebrated our community by hosting a raffle in last week's blog. We asked our readers to shine a light on an item or a booth that has caught your eye on Bonanza by including a link in the comment section. You really came through. We saw some excellent items, plenty of "Everything but the Ordinary" (and some really nice, ordinary items too)!

We are pleased to announce FIVE raffle winners. These lucky winners will have their prizes of a one-month membership or a TurboTraffic Pack applied to their booths today. 

and the winners are...

  1. JBCcollectibles won a month of Platinum membership
  2. TurtleCreamBeans won a month of Platinum membership
  3. Fashionbyregine won a month of Platinum membership
  4. AngelicPretty won a TurboTraffic pack
  5. Craf won a TurboTraffic pack

We hope you enjoyed celebrating 12 years of Bonanza with us!  We appreciate all that our sellers do to make Bonanza the best place to sell online. 

20 responses to 12th Anniversary Recap

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    06/29/20 at 11:35:08

    Congratulations to the winners!

  • TurtleCreamBeans says:
    06/29/20 at 11:50:11

    Thank you Bonanza, I look forward to trying out the new service.
    Cheers! May everyone stay Happy.
    Kind Regards,

  • boomerangsbyvic says:
    06/29/20 at 12:20:01

    Happy 12 anniversary :)

  • JBCcollectibles says:
    06/29/20 at 14:29:42

    On my gosh! Thank you! Now to get selling!

    BonanzaGreg says in response:
    06/29/20 at 16:48:00

    Congratulations!!! My best wishes on the second half of 2020! Happy selling!

  • bonzuser_mfqpr says:
    06/29/20 at 17:40:08


    06/29/20 at 17:50:59

    Happy 12 Anniversary bonanza ????

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    06/30/20 at 05:23:29


  • Funitim says:
    06/29/20 at 17:52:55

    Best Wishes to all in 2020

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/01/20 at 10:11:45

    Thanks, you too Funitim!

  • ToysFromAttic says:
    06/29/20 at 18:00:48

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Youqun says:
    06/29/20 at 18:26:06


  • TheCoasterMan says:
    06/29/20 at 19:31:39

    Best wishes to all!

  • radi031 says:
    06/29/20 at 21:56:04

    Congratulations to the winners

  • AngelicPretty says:
    06/29/20 at 23:34:40

    Thank you, I have never won anything ever before :))

    I also made a blog post on my e-commerce news website:


    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    06/30/20 at 05:24:58

    Thanks, AngelicPretty!

  • Nordstromsauto says:
    06/30/20 at 08:32:24


  • Howlin_Hounds says:
    06/30/20 at 08:43:31

    Congratulations to all the winners and happy selling to all!

  • bonzuser_raj61 says:
    06/30/20 at 09:09:02

    May God Bless everyone ! Happy Anniversary!

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/01/20 at 10:12:41

    Thanks bonzuser_raj61!

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